Sonam Kapoor At Cannes 2013

While Sonam Kapoor’s acting skills may be a little questionable, her style really isn’t. So it’s no wonder people waited to see her appearances at Cannes. You know she’s going to go all out. So see below, my top 3 favorite looks from here this year at the film festival.


(Click on the pic to enlarge it)

The first one is an Elie Saab dress. I absolutely love it. The second one is a Huemn saree for a round of interviews. I love how chic and simple it is. And the third is a Dolce and Gabbana dress. Loving the drama and the simple hair.

A lot of you might be wondering where is that Anamika Khanna saree? For me, that was an ‘almost there’ look.


While the saree and the jacket were gorgeous, somewhere, it just got too much. Also, I’m not a fan of the make up. With the nath, the winged eyes and dark lipstick, her face had too much going on.