Grilled BBQed Prawns Done Differently

So, a day or two back, B(the Mister), a friend and I headed to a place called Fenny’s (Bangalore, India) for drinks and dinner. 

I’m a vegetarian but suggested my two prawn loving friends to order the Fenny’s Special BBQed prawns. And guess how these prawns came on our table? In grilled oranges!! Yes! 

Now I am a vegetarian and didn’t taste it. But I consider myself those gifted blind vegetarians. 😛 🙂 I can understand how the food will taste, how the dishes will compliment each other and many a times, I even order for my friends. Blind why? Because without seeing, sometimes, blind people can describe a thing or two better than the people who see.

Anyway, coming back to the prawns..the oranges and the BBQed prawns complimented each other in taste super duper well. As told to me by Mister B and friend of course. And the orange had turned into this awesome gooey-orange. The sorts that you just want to dig into.

And finally, here’s a super bad photo of the dish. Sorry about the super bad part.


I have never seen before, a dish like this. I just had to share this with you guys. And if any of you do try cooking it, let me know. I’d love to know how it turned out.

Easy Peasy, Heathy Pealthy!

With Bangalore getting increasingly hot, and my appetite for healthy food considerably reducing, I found myself eating a loooot of junk food. I hated eating home food because it’s not exactly appetizing in the heat.

So.. Ta-da! Look what I made!


I got carrots, broccoli, baby corn and lettuce. Steamed the vegetables a little bit in the microwave, put them in a big bowl along with lettuce and added salt and  little bit of Italian salad dressing. And to accompany it, two pieces of whole wheat toasts smeared with a little bit of garlic butter.

The meal was crunchy, light, healthy and so easily eatable in the heat! And it allowed me to eat a cupcake (I’ve been craving for so long) the next day without guilt. 🙂

Of A Nice And Happy Day

Most couples have a song. Their song. But the Boy (who from now on, I shall refer to as B) and I have a food item. Pizza. I’ve proclaimed my love for the Italian beauty many times, but it’s not just me who loves it. B and I both love it! 🙂

So yesterday, we decided to make pizza. Including making the base. It took us a while to figure out “the right amount of water”, “the right amount of flour”, but we found our way. It took us an hour and a half, but it was so much fun! There were moments when I would take my drink breaks, and I would just stand in the side while he worked his butt off. But worry not. I did some work. I kneaded the dough. And very well I must say.

In the end, parts of the pizza were slightly under cooked, parts over cooked, and parts that were just pure delicious. We cannot wait to make better pizza next time.

Oh! And pizza wasn’t the only thing we made. We also made a mess!


It was such a happy day that even my clothes matched my happiness. Pink polka dotted top that I bought some 8 years back with and grey wedges that I picked up for Rs.600 (Approx $12) 2 years back. Full love for the shoes. They’re incredibly comfortable!


And I’m going to end this post with my wonderfully amateurish Illustrator skills showing a delighted B and I by the end of the day.


No we did not make so many pizzas. We made just 2.