Little Big Excitement

Does that happen to you guys also? A small reason of happiness turns into big excitement? On my way for some work today, I broke my shoes. So I ended up going to the nearest store and picking up the cutest pair of purple flip flops which has turned into more than enough happiness for the day!


I’m so kicked! I feel so ultimately cool wearing these and it’s almost unfair, the special attention my feet are getting.

An Important Day

It’s the eve of the one and only bittersweet day of my life. 17 years back ( at 12 midnight), at the age of 5, I became a big sister. I will never forget that day. I had prayed for a sister long enough. And my wish had come true. I remember meeting her so small and tiny and asleep while I just went forward and gave her a quick kiss.

She passed away 4 months later. I’ve never written about this anywhere before,but this is my blog, and I will write. Write that I still love her as much as I did then. And she may have been here for only 4 months but she will be my little sister forever. And the fact that I have an angel for a sister.


She will be 17 tomorrow and I imagine her to be this practical, athletic, sports loving, hardcore yet soft-hearted amazing girl. The kind that is going to eat cake at 12 for her birthday while dancing and at the same time looking out for me from heaven.


For the first time, I have a birthday to attend tonight. The new friend’s birthday is tomorrow too. For years now, at 12 midnight, I’ve always had some me and her time. I look at this day to be thankful that I have lovely people around me including her. I hope I can make it through the night without any watery eyes.. I dislike sharing this feeling with other people, face to face that is.. And I hope she lives it up. It’s her last birthday as a kiddo after all.

Sonam Kapoor At Cannes 2013

While Sonam Kapoor’s acting skills may be a little questionable, her style really isn’t. So it’s no wonder people waited to see her appearances at Cannes. You know she’s going to go all out. So see below, my top 3 favorite looks from here this year at the film festival.


(Click on the pic to enlarge it)

The first one is an Elie Saab dress. I absolutely love it. The second one is a Huemn saree for a round of interviews. I love how chic and simple it is. And the third is a Dolce and Gabbana dress. Loving the drama and the simple hair.

A lot of you might be wondering where is that Anamika Khanna saree? For me, that was an ‘almost there’ look.


While the saree and the jacket were gorgeous, somewhere, it just got too much. Also, I’m not a fan of the make up. With the nath, the winged eyes and dark lipstick, her face had too much going on.

In Sickness and In Health

I’m not really a person who cries easily looking at things. But this really did get the tears out me quite easily. 

A man who posted about his wife’s (and his too) battle with her breast cancer. I do not know these people and just came across their website today. Really touched me in so many ways. See below a photograph I took from their website. No copyright intended. Just a beautiful and strong picture. In sickness and in health indeed.


Here’s the link:

I hope she is in a better place and I hope he never finds any lack of strength.

A Moment Of Prayer For My Blue Sweater


I bought this sweater last summer with much enthusiasm to wear last winter. Although Bangalore doesn’t get that cold, it does get windy so I figured I will be able to wear it a few times. I waited patiently. December-January-February. Bangalore winter trolled me and this beautiful Vera Moda sweater lies in my cupboard..unused. A moment of prayer so that this sweater accomplishes what it was born to do. Happily be on me.