An Angry Rant and A Question

So around 3 weeks back, Mr. B and I started looking for a web developer for a project. We got talking to one freelance developer and got things going along. Costs were out of our budget, but after certain changes, a tiny bit discount and lots and lots of fund arranging from our side, the costs became manageable.

Annnnd the problem started. He stated that we will decide milestones for the project: Part 1, part 2, Part 3 and so on, and said we will have to pay him the costs of each part BEFORE he starts work on that. So when he’s doing Part 2, and if the amount decided for that is 40% of the cost, we pay him before he starts work.

We understood that he was worried that we would abandon the project midway so agreed to give him an advance. And the payments will reach him as and when he completes the work. 

He still insisted on paying him in advance for every stage. Which essentially, at one point was coming to 25% work completion and 65% payment with him.

And then he said, if it can’t happen this way, it’s best not to take this forward. We responded that we feel the same as our working ideas are different and bam! Comes the most unprofessional message ever!

I sincerely feel I should give you & your Business partner & the whole team behind this project a piece of advice which is necessary which I felt after the overall interactions which we had from last month. Even now its gonna be a full whole month in few days time & now you are coming up with your terms & conditions which I feel No freelancer Would be ready to work on your terms.! This is what I feel.! 
Better even you dont Waste your precious time & even the poor freelancers who will be your next Target.! According to me if you people have these kind of terms & conditions then I suggest you to let the poor freelancer or the developer know beforehand.! Before you proceed deep into your project discussions.! 
According to me if you people have these kind of terms & conditions then I suggest you to let the poor freelancer or the developer know beforehand.! Before you proceed deep into your project discussions.! 
It was a nice lesson learnt personally from me because of the interactions which I had with you guys.!
Lets not continue discussing about some business deal which will not be possible from our end on your terms & conditions.!

Is it just me or was his reply a little rude and uncalled for?

And yes, we didn’t speak into details about payment modes with him because 1. Our energies day and night were directed into getting funds. 2. A lot of the procedure of payment depended upon the final cost. 3. We were getting in funds from somewhere else too. And they follow this norm. So little was in our hands. We did convey the same to him.

Besides, as far as I know, this is the norm. Work gets done. And then payments get made. 

A lot of you here are freelancers. I really want to know, what is the norm you guys follow? I am really curious.

PS: When he says we went deep into discussion, they were discussions to bring costs down and as far as us abandoning him midway was concerned, we had assured him we will not begin without a proper signed contract.


5 thoughts on “An Angry Rant and A Question

  1. Even I wanna know what others have to say about this.
    I found the idea of whole payment before the work kind of unjustified. However, I do not find the message, as it is, very rude but his arguments are unjustified again. For example, he says that you guys came up with conditions, however he said that he doesn’t want it to take forward, right?

    • Yup. He was the first to drop the bomb of “let’s not take this forward.”
      And the thing is, i’ve worked in ad agencies, and my dad too has worked with freelancers who have never demanded any sort of advance money. We were still ready to pay him an advance. But then he said “this is the industry norm” and that got me thinking.

  2. It’s a bit hypocritical for him to expect you to tell him your terms and conditions beforehand, if he didn’t do that himself. If he’d told you he expects to work that way up front, he could have saved himself some time. The fault rests with him. I would think it very rare to ask for every stage up front. We’re not freelancers, but we do provide professional services. The only time we ask for money up front is if we’ve worked with the client before and they have a history of slow payment. Otherwise, the bill can come out at a draft stage, but only after we can show the client some evidence of completion.

    As a customer I’d be reluctant to ever give full payment before a service is completed. You can expect to pay some money upfront in some cases for materials required and other things, but never the amount in full. There should always be something left to pay at the end of the project’s completion to ensure that the freelancer doesn’t just walk off with your money. That’s just common sense business practice. Ignore their ranting.

    • Yes. Ended up ignoring his rant that time. Just said “Thank you very much. Bye bye.”
      I just really wanted to know what norm people follow. Because we did make a cmpromise and agree to give him an advance. But an advance for every stage seemed off. Especially when at one point it was working out to 20% work done and 65% amount already paid to him.
      Lesson for the future will always be to get this straight beforehand.
      But thanks so much for letting me know how you guys work. I too, have worked in an advertising agency and have never asked for a client for the payment in advance.

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