Grilled BBQed Prawns Done Differently

So, a day or two back, B(the Mister), a friend and I headed to a place called Fenny’s (Bangalore, India) for drinks and dinner. 

I’m a vegetarian but suggested my two prawn loving friends to order the Fenny’s Special BBQed prawns. And guess how these prawns came on our table? In grilled oranges!! Yes! 

Now I am a vegetarian and didn’t taste it. But I consider myself those gifted blind vegetarians. 😛 🙂 I can understand how the food will taste, how the dishes will compliment each other and many a times, I even order for my friends. Blind why? Because without seeing, sometimes, blind people can describe a thing or two better than the people who see.

Anyway, coming back to the prawns..the oranges and the BBQed prawns complimented each other in taste super duper well. As told to me by Mister B and friend of course. And the orange had turned into this awesome gooey-orange. The sorts that you just want to dig into.

And finally, here’s a super bad photo of the dish. Sorry about the super bad part.


I have never seen before, a dish like this. I just had to share this with you guys. And if any of you do try cooking it, let me know. I’d love to know how it turned out.


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