In A Parallel World

These are my top 5 things that would happen.

1. Cheesy foods improve the condition of your heart.


2. The concept of passports, visas, etc. vanishes. Ok seriously, think about it. We are all inhabitants of the Earth. Countries have been formed over time. Why can’t I just pack my bags, book my ticket and fly out to some other country for the weekend if I spot cheap air tickets on a Friday?


3. Desserts become diet food.


4. Sleeping, and not exercise, makes you fit. I can’t even tell you how many times I’d say, “Ok. I’m going to work out now. Good night!”


5. Alcohol would make you fresher in the mornings. See, it would get you happy, make you have a good time, and then put the tired you to a deep sleep. And the deep sleep in turn refreshes and charges you 100%. Makes sense only no?Image

Is there anybody else here who dreams about such a parallel universe or am I the only weirdo around here?

PS: None of these images are mine. Yay Google.


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