Easy Peasy, Heathy Pealthy!

With Bangalore getting increasingly hot, and my appetite for healthy food considerably reducing, I found myself eating a loooot of junk food. I hated eating home food because it’s not exactly appetizing in the heat.

So.. Ta-da! Look what I made!


I got carrots, broccoli, baby corn and lettuce. Steamed the vegetables a little bit in the microwave, put them in a big bowl along with lettuce and added salt and  little bit of Italian salad dressing. And to accompany it, two pieces of whole wheat toasts smeared with a little bit of garlic butter.

The meal was crunchy, light, healthy and so easily eatable in the heat! And it allowed me to eat a cupcake (I’ve been craving for so long) the next day without guilt. 🙂


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