In A Parallel World

These are my top 5 things that would happen.

1. Cheesy foods improve the condition of your heart.


2. The concept of passports, visas, etc. vanishes. Ok seriously, think about it. We are all inhabitants of the Earth. Countries have been formed over time. Why can’t I just pack my bags, book my ticket and fly out to some other country for the weekend if I spot cheap air tickets on a Friday?


3. Desserts become diet food.


4. Sleeping, and not exercise, makes you fit. I can’t even tell you how many times I’d say, “Ok. I’m going to work out now. Good night!”


5. Alcohol would make you fresher in the mornings. See, it would get you happy, make you have a good time, and then put the tired you to a deep sleep. And the deep sleep in turn refreshes and charges you 100%. Makes sense only no?Image

Is there anybody else here who dreams about such a parallel universe or am I the only weirdo around here?

PS: None of these images are mine. Yay Google.

Mint Maxis

It’s summer and I guess mint colour and maxis just go hand in hand for the season. And I am loving the ones below.









Getting Your Wedding Dress Stitched

Many a times, I’m a bit of DIY girl not because I enjoy making something, but because I get to be in complete control. I can control every little aspect related to the final product and often it works out cheaper than buying it. Yay!

In the recent past, I’ve gotten a lot of clothes made. I first get a rough sketch in my mind. Then go to the fabric store, get what I want and head to the tailor. Now, I love designing my clothes but I’m essentially not a fashion designer, so I spend some time, talking to the tailor about my design, he gets to work, and a few days later.. Ta-da! Happiness is made!

Now…bridal wear is expensive. Those beautiful dresses don’t always come moderately priced. So today I thought I’d share a sketch of a dress that you can get made, save up some money and then spend it on maybe some good food and booze or the honeymoon?

Anyway.. so here it is. Not a great sketch. But it serves the purpose.


It’s a very feminine dress with slightly flared sleeves ending just above the elbow. I stitched a similar short dress where I kept the measurement of the dress very large when compared to my size and got a belt made separately to fit my waist. So when I put on the belt on the loose dress, it was an instant transformation!

Materials suggested: Georgette or Polyester or any light fabric and a lining fabric.

Body types: Regular, and pear shaped (petite upper body and larger lower body).

You can decide how flowy you want the bottom half of the dress to be. If you want it to be flowy, go with a larger measurement from the hips below. You can also decide whether or not you want a slit.

And lastly, find a good tailor! Sit down with him or her and discuss your dress in detail. Take his/her opinion into consideration about fabrics, stitch, etc. And ask him/her to keep give you a rough stitch. Once you know it fits well, go ahead for the final stitch.

And lastly, enjoy your saved money! 🙂

I seriously hope this helped someone.

Grandmas Know Everything

So today I fell sick. Got a viral fever.

Grandmom: I knew it yesterday you were going to fall sick. Your throat seemed bad.

Me: But I have fever, not a bad throat.

Grandmom: No no, you have a bad throat. 

Me: But I can feel it. My throat is not bad.

Grandmom: You can’t feel it, but I know it. Your throat is bad. I’m telling you.

I give up.


Guess Whose An Awesome Boyfriend?


If you haven’t already understood my beautiful, professional illustration, that is me, pointing to my boyfriend.

He went to Paris-Amsterdam a few days back and look what he got for me? (Apart from the macaroons which of course aren’t left anymore to photograph)


In case you’re wondering what the red circle is… It’s a french hat!!! And I giggled a little when I saw the white elephant tee. He went to Paris and bought me something Indian inspired. But I love the fit of it. Not easy to find here. And it’s so light and perfect for summers!

But now to think where I’ll wear my new French hat…… Maybe I’ll throw a Crazy Hat Lady Party. With Crazy Hat Gentlemen also.

Easy Peasy, Heathy Pealthy!

With Bangalore getting increasingly hot, and my appetite for healthy food considerably reducing, I found myself eating a loooot of junk food. I hated eating home food because it’s not exactly appetizing in the heat.

So.. Ta-da! Look what I made!


I got carrots, broccoli, baby corn and lettuce. Steamed the vegetables a little bit in the microwave, put them in a big bowl along with lettuce and added salt and  little bit of Italian salad dressing. And to accompany it, two pieces of whole wheat toasts smeared with a little bit of garlic butter.

The meal was crunchy, light, healthy and so easily eatable in the heat! And it allowed me to eat a cupcake (I’ve been craving for so long) the next day without guilt. 🙂

Top Two TOIFA Looks

So.. the TOI Film Awards took place this weekend and I watched closely for awesome gowns. Gotta say I was a little disappointed. But Neha Dhupia (First photo) in Sabyasachi and Priyanka Chopra (Second Photo) in Arpan Vohra looked gooood.

Ignore their slightly distorted faces. I don’t know why that’s happening.