Delhi Loving

So, Ze Boy is going to Delhi for 10 days in the second week of March and Delhi being my hometown, I am putting together a list of places for him to go to and it’s making me want to go too!

Delhi, even with it’s hundreds of drawbacks, is a charming city. It’s a perfect mix of old and modern. The modern side of it is just like other metro cities, malls, restaurants, etc. But the old side of it.. is really something. (Note: I am not talking about Old and New Delhi specifically when I say modern and old.)

Firstly, Delhi is a city/state, full of history and it’s very evident with the number of monuments there. In the photo below,

1: Qutub Minar

2. Lodhi Garden

3. Agrasen Ki Baoli

4. India Gate


Another thing I love about Delhi is it’s old markets. In the photo below,

Top Row: Chandni Chowk: Part of Old Delhi, this market is quintessential Old Delhi. Narrow busy lanes and wonderful to shop from. From home decor to jewellery to Indian clothes and absolutely delicious food, all can be found

Middle Row: Sarojini Nagar : This market is the bomb! Dresses start from Rs.150 (around $3) and go onto maximum Rs.500 (around $10). Actually, coming to think of it, I’ve never bought a dress for more than Rs.350. And the best part? It’s all export surplus. So the designs are fabulous. Also, it’s not only clothes that you can find in this market, but everything! From shoes to furniture to everything!!

Bottom Row :Connaught Place: This is no cheap shopping but this market is old. My garndmom tells me stories of when she used to live in this area and they never fail to fascinate me. Today, it’s one of the most posh areas in Delhi.


PS: I would love to post some of the clothes that I’ve bought from Sarojini, but to give you a better idea right now, you can check out these blogs:

Also, none of the images are mine. Yay google!


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