7 Cool Things

Last year, in September, I completed 7 years with the boy. We don’t really give each other gifts, but   instead go out and stuff our faces with some kickass food. This year though, I had an idea, thanks to my obsession with ‘Must Have Awesome Memories of this Awesome Life!’

7 Cool Things – Since its on the 7th anniversary that I’m starting it, every year, we come up with a list of 7 cool things to do (total 14) that we do throughout the year. I made it into a sort of booklet so every time we do any of those things – we take a picture, stick it and store the book.

The Cool Things must be cheap, easy to do, something different and non sexual.


Above picture: Cover page

Below picture: One of the pages inside:


After each “cool thing”, I’ve left a blank page for the photos.

My 7 Cool Things Were:

Coffee Picnic By a Lake

Invent a Cocktail

Visit the Planetarium

Diwali Gifts for Orphan Children

Coke- Mentos Trick

Re-decorate the Boy’s Room

Compose and Record a Song

These were mine. He told me his 7 too. But because he’s lazy and still hasn’t given it to me in writing, I don’t remember them all. I shall remember and post again.

This thing is super easy and super fun to do! I’m so excited for this years list already!!


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