Drinking to Act Drunk

Recently, I read an article which spoke about how an actress finished half a bottle of vodka because she had to do a drunk scene and she wanted it to look authentic. The trick was a hit and she finished the shot in 1 take, but sadly, the shoot next morning had to be delayed because of her hangover.

Now I’m thinking, she is an actor. Should she not be able to actually ACT out the scene. Without the influence of alcohol. And she’s not the only one. I read such drunk acting stories often.

If an actor has had a fracture in the story and needs to portray the pain of getting one, will they get a fracture in real life too? Or if an actor is suppose to be high on cocaine in a scene, will they go to the extent of sniffing real cocaine?

Just a thought.

And PS: The actress in question is actually quite a good actor so I am not questioning her ability to act.


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