Small Surprises: Welcoming Dad Home

So, I am the kind of person who believes in happy little surprises. And I got a chance to do that recently.

Dad had been out of town since December last year and came home only yesterday. And what better way to welcome him home than a little note that said so on the door!


It wasn’t anything big or fancy or even artistically super. But the smile on his face was ear to ear and so nice to see. And it made my day.

Go ahead and try it for yourself next time. It’ll make your day too!!


4 thoughts on “Small Surprises: Welcoming Dad Home

  1. wow! i and my brother did the same thing once for my landlord’s son when he was coming back after completing his degree abroad. We did it while his family was at the airport to receive him, so it was a surprise for them too. 😀

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