Bringing in the Birthday Weekend

So as many of you may already know, it was the boy’s birthday last weekend. Me being me, I LOVE going all out for birthdays! 

This year, his birthday fell on a Saturday, so I thought, instead of a one day, why not celebrate the whole weekend? 😀 So I met him Friday evening and told him I need him to sign some “important documents.” Then I handed him a file where the first document was a phone bill, to make him even more confused.. And when he flipped over… Ta-da! 


The plan worked. He was crazy surprised. Then signed on the dotted line. And then we ate cake.

Simple idea, but I loved the way it worked!

Polar Bear Birthday Card

Polar Bear Birthday Card

Who does not love polar bears? And the receiver of this birthday card surely did. And this card, not that difficult. First googled an image of the polar bear. Second, googled images of a drink he could hold and a hat he could wear. Got it printed separately, and cut and paste. Literally.
If you are good at Photoshop though, you could make him wear the hat and give him the drink in the image itself. No literal copy paste.

7 Cool Things

Last year, in September, I completed 7 years with the boy. We don’t really give each other gifts, but   instead go out and stuff our faces with some kickass food. This year though, I had an idea, thanks to my obsession with ‘Must Have Awesome Memories of this Awesome Life!’

7 Cool Things – Since its on the 7th anniversary that I’m starting it, every year, we come up with a list of 7 cool things to do (total 14) that we do throughout the year. I made it into a sort of booklet so every time we do any of those things – we take a picture, stick it and store the book.

The Cool Things must be cheap, easy to do, something different and non sexual.


Above picture: Cover page

Below picture: One of the pages inside:


After each “cool thing”, I’ve left a blank page for the photos.

My 7 Cool Things Were:

Coffee Picnic By a Lake

Invent a Cocktail

Visit the Planetarium

Diwali Gifts for Orphan Children

Coke- Mentos Trick

Re-decorate the Boy’s Room

Compose and Record a Song

These were mine. He told me his 7 too. But because he’s lazy and still hasn’t given it to me in writing, I don’t remember them all. I shall remember and post again.

This thing is super easy and super fun to do! I’m so excited for this years list already!!

Suriname – The Country

So, one of the many ways I pass time is looking out for new places to travel and then planning out an imaginary trip in my head at the same time. While dreaming today, I found out about a country – Suriname. No, I did not know about it before today. Yes, very ignorant of me. 
Anyway, thought I’d share some photos.


Link to the image:


Link to the image:

Beautiful isn’t it? 

Birthday BBQ Invite

So, there is this boy I’ve been for the last many years. His birthday is in exactly 9 days and we’re planning a BBQ in his backyard. (So excited and so many crafty thingies to do!)

He’s inviting people online through Facebook, and because of my sudden and recent interest in Adobe Illustrator, look what I made for the event page!

x                                                   Image


And yes, I realise it’s nothing amazing when compared to what lots of you do, but its enough to get me all excited! 🙂 And for those of you who have no idea about Illustrator, it really isn’t that hard. All you have to do is play around with the pen tool. 

Drinking to Act Drunk

Recently, I read an article which spoke about how an actress finished half a bottle of vodka because she had to do a drunk scene and she wanted it to look authentic. The trick was a hit and she finished the shot in 1 take, but sadly, the shoot next morning had to be delayed because of her hangover.

Now I’m thinking, she is an actor. Should she not be able to actually ACT out the scene. Without the influence of alcohol. And she’s not the only one. I read such drunk acting stories often.

If an actor has had a fracture in the story and needs to portray the pain of getting one, will they get a fracture in real life too? Or if an actor is suppose to be high on cocaine in a scene, will they go to the extent of sniffing real cocaine?

Just a thought.

And PS: The actress in question is actually quite a good actor so I am not questioning her ability to act.

Small Surprises: Welcoming Dad Home

So, I am the kind of person who believes in happy little surprises. And I got a chance to do that recently.

Dad had been out of town since December last year and came home only yesterday. And what better way to welcome him home than a little note that said so on the door!


It wasn’t anything big or fancy or even artistically super. But the smile on his face was ear to ear and so nice to see. And it made my day.

Go ahead and try it for yourself next time. It’ll make your day too!!